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We produce shows using high-quality audio and video
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We create engaging, innovative content and assets to elevate your brand
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We provide top-notch strategic marketing to help reach target audiences
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In an ever-growing digital environment, we help our clients tell their story through podcasting and reach the right audiences through strategic marketing. The Influencer Collective is a network of experts and podcast shows that drive social impact.
We believe that everyone has an expertise to share and that anyone can build influence. We empower people to find their own genius and expertise.

We specialize in next-gen digital marketing tactics to increase a bottom line
Thought Leadership
We grow influence and expertise of businesses and individuals
We develop brands that align with a vision
Social Impact
We drive social impact through storytelling and prestige
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The Launch
Sit back, relax and enjoy while we set-up your podcast with the perfect branding, distribution, messaging and more.
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The Production
We will produce your show in a blink of an eye. Oh, and did we mention that we will take care of both your video and audio needs?
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The Marketing
We make sure your podcast reaches all the right audiences through next-gen digital marketing. Kiss your social media fears goodbye.
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The Influencer Factor
Do you want to be an influencer? We’ve got the tools to do just that.

An influencer is anyone who excels in their own profession or industry. Whether you’re a businessperson, a politician, an artist, or even an aspiring fashion blogger, you have the potential to be an influencer in your own community. The Influencer Collective Show shares the stories of influencers across all industries who have a social impact mission.

Let’s make an impact together- one story at a time.


Tien Wong
Tien Wong
CEO, Angel investor

I’ve learned all of the newest and most innovative social media tactics from The Influencer Collective, they have done an amazing job creating and implementing a personal branding campaign to help build my influence at a local and national level.

Keith Trippie
Keith Trippie
Founder of urMuv Inc., GotUrSix TV, and Shop4Cloud Inc

Jenn Sherman’s knowledge of Social Media platforms and how to implement creative marketing strategies are first class at competitive pricing rates. In a very short time period, we have seen more than 100% growth in social media presence, engagements and app downloads. Have tried other PR/Marketing firms before and have not seen any results like what I have seen with The Influencer Collective. The Influencer Collective, has implemented a marketing channel for one of my properties that is very innovative and helping to not only establish a new brand, but increase credibility within our target user community.

Derek Weeks
Derek Weeks
Vice President at Sonatype, Co-founder All Day DevOps

Thanks to The Influencer Collective’s perseverance and commitment to execution, we were able to grow our influence across the community by well over 500% while also developing significant top of funnel pipeline contributions. They not only led the social programs, but easily worked across functional areas to keep our programs moving and well synchronized. The experience that truly stands out to me is how determined and relentless the company was in helping us to grow our business and the community — where they easily matched the commitment our own employees had to the success of our company.


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