The Power of Social Media – For the Good

The Power of Social Media – For the Good

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It is wonky time right now to say the least. People in our country and around the world are facing adversity and many have their health on the line. Our nation and world has faced many crises in the past, but what is particularly different about this pandemic is the access we have to technology and social media.

We are so fortunate to have every type of technology at the tip of our finger tips. We have come so far as a world and nation in terms of connectivity. These next couple months are not going to be easy, but life is not easy. How can we push through this as a connected world, move forward, and help those in need along the way? By leveraging the power of social media for the good. We live in one of the strongest nations in the world. The last time I truly remember our country coming together, lifting each other up, and pushing through adversity was during 9/11. It’s time to come together again as a nation.

Social media and technology is a critical outlet right now to help keep people informed, connect with loved ones, and stay productive. Many companies are having their employees work from home until further notice and we will see the largest adoption of virtual workplace tools used than we have ever seen before. There are so many ways that we can leverage these tools to stay connected, lift each other’s spirits up, and keep the ball moving. Uncertainty breeds creativity and innovation. Here are some tools that I plan to use to stay motivated and productive over the next indefinite period of time:

  • Google Hangouts (serves as a great place to conduct meetings and host social gatherings)
  • Slack (to chat with team members)
  • Netflix (because everyone needs a break for a good binge watch)
  • Anchor (to record podcasts – don’t worry “A Dose of Your Future” is not going anywhere)
  • LinkedIn (the power of LinkedIn will be an important networking tool to leverage since we will not be able to network face to face)
  • Virtual private network i.e. VPN (many of us work in offices that are connected to secure servers, now that we are working from home we must ensure that our networks secure. I recommend purchasing a VPN like Norton Secure VPN)
  • Virtual conferences (the rise of virtual conferences will sky rocket due to the large cancellation of big events – many companies are moving to virtual conferences to stay people informed with the latest innovations)
  • Words with Friends (because we can’t play Scrabble)

Any tools you recommend using to stay motivated, optimistic, and productive?

I would like to wrap up this piece by reminding everyone to share with your neighbor and be a stand up citizen during this funky time period. Cue: One by U2 🎶.

Stay healthy and happy, my friends.