Hello 28 – Here are 28 pieces of life advice.

Hello 28 – Here are 28 pieces of life advice.

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What an interesting way to ring in 28 – really brings life into perspective. Following the tradition I started at the crisp age of 27, I want to leave my community with 28 pieces of advice. You are in for a treat because I have one more year of knowledge than I did last year. So, here goes it:

  1. Slow down.
  2. Share with your neighbor.
  3. Have integrity.
  4. Write a “Thank You” note and “Mail It.”
  5. Value yourself.
  6. Have compassion.
  7. And with compassion, have passion.
  8. Laugh a lot.
  9. When you are feeling innovative and creative, run with it.
  10. Go with your gut, it is typically right.
  11. Meditate.
  12. Take risks (feel the same way as I did at 27 on this one)
  13. Admit when you are wrong.
  14. Listen carefully.
  15. Surround yourself by good people (this may seem obvious, but take a beat to look at the people who are influencing you).
  16. Don’t take things personally.
  17. Don’t make assumptions.
  18. Don’t judge people.
  19. Be optimistic.
  20. Be humble and stay humble.
  21. Love.
  22. Step outside of your comfort zone.
  23. Build your network (quality over quantity).
  24. Make connections with authentic people and sift through the noise.
  25. Don’t make excuses.
  26. Self-reflect.
  27. Communicate (by making a phone call and not hiding behind text).
  28. Study the world and gain perspective.

Stay healthy and prosperous, my friends.

*H/T to Albert Einstein – proud to share my birthday with that legend.